Why should you convert your publications, brochures, catalogues, etc. to online publications?

How does it work?

Instead of sending the artwork for your publications, pamphlets, brochures and catalogues off to the printers, send it to us in PDF format and we will convert it to an online publication for you. Setup is pretty quick, and you can have your digital publication online in only a few hours!

Your e-publication will then be uploaded to our server. We will assign you a unique URL (web address) that you can use to link to this publication from your web site and include this URL in an email that you send out to your client base or add it to your favourite social network profile (e.g. Facebook and Twitter).

Online e-publications can be paged through like traditional publications by a click and drag of the mouse or a flip of your finger on a mobile device. You have the added feature of a full text search in text based publications. For longer documents a table of contents can be included to make browsing between different sections easier. Furthermore there is also a zoom-function allowing your readers to zoom into certain areas of the publication should they need a close-up more detailed view. Where appropriate, music or sound files can also be added to these online publications.

View some demos of our online publications

How to get your own online publication?

Simply complete the enquiry / order form on our Contact Us page and we will get back to you with more details, costs, turn-around time, etc.